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Batik is a medium that lies somewhere between art and craft and is believed to be at least 2000 years old. The Batik technique is a development of resist printing. The fabric is painted with molten wax and then dyed in cold dyes after which the cloth is washed in hot water.

Jaipur and Sikar are the notable centres. Sikar produces one of the finest Bandhanis. Another form of tie and dye in Rajasthan is the Lehriya and Mothra. Here the opposite ends of the length of the cloth are pulled and rolled together. They are then tied and dyed in different colours producing multicoloured lines.

Bagru Prints
Identical to Sanganer, Bagru is also famed for textile designs but printers in Bagru use vegetable colour and use more floral designs The zigzag motifs of Bagru along with floral motifs of Sanganer, are in demand in the country and abroad.

Sanganeri Prints
Sanganer is the most famous centre for block printing and screen printing the cotton cloth. Colourful cloth with various folk patterns is available here for bed- covers, table covers etc. The distinctive feature of sanganeri print is that its background is always white. The black colour is used for outlines whereas the red colour is used to fill in the figures and floral motifs.

Barmeri Prints
Barmer from western Rajasthan produces prints that are known for their bold geometric patterns, called ‘AJRAKH’. Barmer an area in the middle of the Thar Desert is known for darker shades because people in the desert believed that dark shades are cooler as they absorb sunrays.

Jaipuri Quilts
Jaipuri Quilts are world famous for their softness and warmth. The beautiful prints and bright colours make them attractive, but its essence lies in the way its made. The style makes it very light with warmth maintained.

Kota Doria Cloth
A typical style of weaving makes the kota doria cloth special. Nowadays machines do the job, but its style is still maintained. Very soft and light, kota doria cloth gives a look of the net where its weaving is visible. Available in white only, now its died to produce as many shades of a colour.

The art of decorating woven fabric with various kinds of stitches is known as embroidery. Embroidery is done on cotton, wool and silk. Embroidery is also done on traditional footwear in some parts of the country.